Tip for Organizing Your Entry Space or Mudroom

What are some easy ways to organize a mud room or foyer?

Are you tripping over shoes, toys, and books? If so, these tips will help turn your high-traffic entry space into a clutter-free zone just in time for the kids heading back to school.

Stop the clutter by creating storage solutions that work for your family. Consider adding the following items to your entry way or mudroom: double hooks for coats and book bags; designated bins for each family member to collect smaller items; a shoe rack to keep the floors clutter free; and a family calendar to keep track of everyone’s busy schedules.

Think about adding a magnetic board to display notes for the kids, artwork, and pictures. If you have young kids, make sure they can reach the hooks and bins. You want to encourage them to put items back where they belong.

Another option is to look for an all in-one entry cabinet or system that meets all your needs.

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