Purple by Any Name is a Favorite – written by Guest Blogger Beryl Pleasants, Professional Image Consultant

Violet, eggplant, amethyst, purple, lavender.  Call it by any name but it is still a shade of purple.

Although Pantone chooses “the” color of the year, designers have gotten wiser and offer a beautiful array of choices each season. After all, not everyone can wear tangerine tango or emerald green, just to mention two of the latest Pantone choices.  That said, one color seems to dominate this fall’s palette.   Purple!  It is coming to a store near you!

Research shows that a large percentage of women choose purple as their favorite color.   Most everyone can find a shade of purple that will be flattering to them.   Shades of purple can work for business. So, what’s not to like?

Purple is not just limited to clothing but extends to accessories.  You will see amethyst shoes, violet handbags, eggplant suits, and the list goes on and on.   So, how does someone accustomed to gray, black, navy, brown and other neutrals, incorporate purple.

I recently suggested that a client choose a purple suit for work.  As a college professor, she wanted something that would be attractive, yet project authority.  Purple will do just that.   Throughout history kings wore purple robes.   What better choice for a woman to project authority than a shade of purple?


Purple shoes or a handbag might seem a stretch, but is it?  Many years ago, I had a really cool dress with a taupe and purple design.  I found a pair of shoes that harmonized with the purple and just made the dress.  What was a surprise, those shoes went with any number of other things in my closet.  The right shade of purple can accent neutrals, such as gray, navy and black or even some shades of brown.  Add a scarf, jewelry or other little accent to support the shoes and you look modern and chic.

A purple jacket will go with any of the above-mentioned neutrals or work with jeans.  It can be a staple in your wardrobe.  The trick will be to find your shade of purple.  Lavender can be lovely but it is soft, feminine and lacks power.   Magenta projects sexuality.   If you are warm-toned, choose a purple with warmth.  Purple with black added is more powerful and professional than a bright purple.

Regal, seductive or classy professional, adding something purple can breathe new breath into your fall wardrobe.

About Beryl Pleasants: 

Beryl Pleasants  is a certified member of the Association of Image Consultants (AICI) and currently serves on the board. Beryl has over one hundred hours of training with Carla Mathis, one of the leading image consultants in the world, and is certified in all levels of her training at the Body Beautiful Institute. Carla is the author of Triumph of Individual Style, the textbook used in leading design schools such as Cornell and Art Institute of New York.

Beryl is a regular contributor to various fashion blogs, she also posts a WEEKLY FASHION NEWSLETTER on her website www.StyleWithAplomb.com. She is a CONTRIBUTING AUTHOR AND IS PICTURED ON THE COVER OF A NEW BOOK by Sally Shields, Amazon.com best selling author.

Beryl also provided consultation for New York Times best selling author, Nancy Redd for her new book on body image, Diet Drama.

In addition to individual consultations, closet analysis, personal shopping, and weddings, Beryl is a frequent speaker for women’s groups and presenter for corporate workshops.

To learn more about Beryl and her services, please visit Style With Aplomb.