Neat vs. Messy: Which is Better? By Jack, 4th Grader

I am so excited about this month’s blog post because it was written by someone very special to me… my nine year old nephew Jack.  He was given an assignment to read a few studies on being neat vs. being messy and then share his thoughts on the topic. Having an Aunt as a Professional Organizer came in very handy with this homework assignment.  He knows not to come to me with math questions but clutter is one subject I know a lot about!  We had a lot of fun exploring the pros and cons and it was interesting to hear a 9 year old’s perspective on the topic. There’s a general assumption–in homes, in workplaces–that neatness corresponds to productivity. But there is also a strong argument for messiness and how it relates to creativity.

Are messy people more creative?  Are neat people more productive?

So without further delay, I invite you to read Jack’s thoughts on the matter and then decide for yourself.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  Click Here to Read Jack’s paper