Kitchen/Paper Organization with GiGi from Vision Organizing

I’m almost too embarrassed to post the before pictures of my house, but I’m sure someone out there is worse off than us! So, first a disclaimer:

I am a homemaker, not a housekeeper. No – they are not synonymous with one another. I am a great mom and wife; I spend quality time with my family. That time does not include a ton of cleaning. Granted, I do laundry and dishes daily; I clean the refridgerator about once a week. Behind closed doors – cabinets, closets, and wardrobes – lies neatness (believe it or not). However, there is an overwhelming amount of (dare I say) crap out in the open. Stuff that gets just tossed somewhere into the abyss and never put in a proper place.

That said, here goes nothing:

GiGi Miller (owner of Vision Organizing) and I started with what seems to be the most overwhelming in our house – papers. Believe it or not, I still had Kindergarten papers from my [now] 3rd grader.

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