Gettin’ it together

In light of the fact that we said a year ago that we were moving, and still haven’t, I decided it was time to do something I almost never do … ask for help. So, I contacted Gigi at Vision Organizing to see what she could do. First impression: she is super-sweet and business-savvy!

I must admit I was a bit scared of our first in-home visit. I was a ball of nerves – my house is never organized or spotless. I am just not the kind of person that is uber-concerned with keeping the house perfect. I’d rather spend the little free time I do have with my husband and kids, not cleaning. So, there is usually a stack of mail on the counter, dishes in the sink, crafts on the table, laundry on the floor, and dust somewhere.

Neat freaks – you still with me?

Gigi arrives only to remain calm, cool, collected, and (best part) non-judgemental about the whole house! I love her already! She talks me through her process, what her recommendations are, and a plan of attack. Yes! Sanity is somewhere in my future!

The future is here, friends. Tomorrow I will be in it with Gigi – knee -high in papers to sort, shred, and organize. And you will all be my witnesses. Aren’t I lucky? I have Gigi, my husband, and all of you to hold me accountable to cleaning up, clearing out, organizing, and prepping this house so that we can live in peace until (and after) we move. The best part? Well, we have a fabulous giveaway coming up …

Are you ready?

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