Five Simple Tips for Organizing Your Day

1.  Value your time.  Schedule time to complete household chores and errands just like you would a meeting or an appointment.  If you don’t schedule time to complete a task, it will not get done.

2.  Leave the office on time.  Begin by setting a goal to leave early one day a week.  You will begin to notice you are more productive on those days.  Becoming aware of your time equals less time wasted.

3.  Manage your paper.  Create a simple incoming and outgoing area for paper.  Separate into two categories:  action needed (bills to pay, appointments to make), to file (paid bills, insurance statements).  Other categories can be added as needed.

4.  Plan ahead.  Life’s unexpected twists and turns can wreak havoc on your schedule. Take control of your day by taking 15 minutes each evening to review your calendar.

5.  Prioritize.  Focus on completing two tasks each day.  Once you finish them, you can move on to the next item.  By using the rule of two, you will feel less overwhelmed and more productive.

Gigi K. Miller is an Atlanta based  Professional Organizer and founder of Vision Organizing, LLC.  She creates customized solutions to help clients eliminate clutter, maximize available space, reduce stress and develop time-saving systems for home, office, and life that are practical and easy to maintain.

Vision Organizing, LLC is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and the local Chapter of Georgia.

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