Creating the Ultimate Guest Room

Creating the Ultimate Guest Room

By Jane Blanchard

A clean and organized room allows your guests to accommodate their belongings as comfortably as possible. From overnight stays to extended vacations, you can create the ultimate space that will allow them to spend less time concerned with storage solutions and more time with you.

  1. Supply a Luggage Rack

Luggage-RackModern Bedroom by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators NICOLEHOLLIS.  Via Houzz

To lessen the chance of leaving belongings behind, many guests prefer to live out of their suitcases during a stay away from home. Providing a luggage rack not only gives them a place to store their trunk, but it also makes accessing its contents easier. Choose a collapsible variety for under-the-bed storage when not in use.

  1. Organize the Closet

Organize-the-ClosetVia Modernize

The guest bedroom’s closet is notorious for being akin to the kitchen junk drawer. For a quick cleanup, take advantage of stacking boxes and lidded bins to store its contents out of sight. If drawer storage is limited, consider providing a hanging organizer in the closet for folded clothing. As for shoes, a small shoe rack or a simple clutter-free floor will do the job. To keep guests out of the closet all together, invest in a freestanding wardrobe that’s equipped with shelves and stocked with hangers.

  1. Provide a Catch-all Container

Catch-all-containerVia Modernize

On top of the nightstand or dresser in plain view, place a small container to hold various odds and ends. Throughout their stay, your guests are certain to come across items that simply don’t belong in a particular place. A tray with multiple compartments will provide the perfect home for such homeless items. Also, consider furnishing a wire mesh jewelry holder to help your guests keep track of their valuables.

  1. Create a Toiletry Bin

Toiletry-BinVia Modernize

While your house may not be a luxury resort, you want your guest room equipped with all the comfort and convenience of a five-star hotel. Using a container such as a woven basket with a canvas covering, supply extra towels and even travel-sized toiletries to replace those that may have been forgotten. To top it off, include a few mints or tasty treats for their enjoyment.

  1. Install Hooks

Install-HooksContemporary Bedroom by Langley Home Stagers KASHMIR DHALIWAL FINE REDESIGN.  Via Houzz

Whether on the bathroom door or bedroom wall, hang a few hooks for your guests. This will give them a place to hang their coats, robes, towels and more. Get creative with them, and use the hooks to enhance the room’s decor as shown in this picture. A ledge or shelf over the hooks would create an extra surface where you can store scented candles with welcoming fragrances.

By providing a place for everything, you can truly make your guests feel at home.

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