Artwork Overload

Wondering what to do with the wonderful compilation of kids’ art? Caregivers should learn that they don’t have to save every single project made by a child. Here are a few great ideas to keep the memories but save some space.

• Post artwork temporarily to give the family a chance to admire it. To create a fancy refrigerator display, purchase a few 8×10 and 5×7 cardboard mattes. Glue plastic sleeves behind them to hold kids’ pictures, and attach magnets so they stick to the fridge. You can easily remove and rotate art as new creations arrive. Or dedicate a couple standard wall frames to hold kids’ artwork, and change out old art as new masterpieces arrive.

• As items are rotated out, store them in a drawer or even an unused pizza box. At year’s end, help kids select their top ten favorites to save. Then, take photos or videotape of three-dimensional art and toss the rest.

• Start an Art of the Month Club. Have kids select one piece of artwork each month to give to family and friends. (Grandparents love this idea!)

• As new artwork enters your home, ask yourself: “Is this different than other works we’ve already saved?” “Does it give me a glimpse into my child’s uniqueness?” “Does it make me laugh or cry?” Keep only those that really make an impact. Let the rest go so you can appreciate the best.


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