19 Experts Give 40 Tips on Minimalist Kitchen Organization

“Maximize the Hidden Space”

By Gigi K. Miller, Vision Organizing

Minimalism fact: The Average American has 300,000 items in their house.

The key to creating a minimalist kitchen is to first declutter! Pare down your items to match your minimalist lifestyle. Once you have completed the decluttering stage, choose products that will help maximize your current space. I prefer having very few items on the counter. Most of your everyday items can be stored in the drawers, cabinets or even in the pantry.

A great way to maximize cabinet space is the use of stackable shelf organizers like these from Amazon.

Another area to take a look at is your drawers. Conquer this space by using drawer dividers and/or drawer organizers. Items such as knives and cooking utensils can be organized using an expandable kitchen drawer organizer. Maximizing the hidden space will help keep your counters clutter free.

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